About us

Allbebet is an infrastructure project in the sports and gaming industry.

Designed to help achieve high results in sports using neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and blockchain.

Allbebet development thrust is the creation of business models based on AI and blockchain technologies that unite millions of people from the sports, gaming and betting industry.


The company's core business is:

  • changing the paradigm of player interaction in betting.
  • optimization and improvement of training processes in sports.
  • creation of a single virtual database of athletes for analysis, statistics and prediction.
  • creation of affordable products that use neurointelligence and blockchain.

This is a sports and e-sports betting app directly between people.
The adoption of blockchain technology into the existing bookmakers' business model has enabled us to create an environment where users and their funds are not controlled by third parties. Operations within the system are in ALB tokens, which allows you to protect yourself against external forces.

Technologies used:
  1. Blockchain
  2. Statistical Modeling Artificial Neural Networks
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Collective Intelegence

Intelligent analytics and predictions service in sports events.

Allbebet.Analytics uses artificial intelligence algorithms of different levels of complexity to predict events. Through automation of processes and no human factor, we have been able to significantly increase the prediction accuracy and service capabilities.

Technologies used:
  1. Blockchain
  2. Statistical Modeling
  3. Artificial Neural Networks
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Autoencoders
  6. Artificial Immune Systems
  7. Multi-agent systems
  8. Self-organizing and adaptive systems

Interactive virtual trainer to improve team performance.

Interactive training system in team sports allows players to get to new level of play. The data mining system based on hardware-software solutions helps to analyze the process of training and play, overtraining, recovery process, predisposition to the development of certain qualities and predict the interaction between the players in the game.

Technologies used:
  1. Neural networks
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Big Data
  4. Machine Learning

Original text content technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. The Allbebet.News product is an innovative approach to generating sports, news content for bloggers, news portals and communities of interest.

Technologies used:
  1. Statistical Modeling
  2. Artificial Neural Networks
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Autoencoders
  5. Sentiment analysis
  6. Blockchain


Computer and machine vision systems allow detailed information to be retrieved online through video signal processing. Video sequence data is collected, prepared and marked mainly manually, which means there are some difficulties in the process. ALLBEBET MLVISION solution uses a slightly different approach and allows to automate processes that only a person could participate in before.

Technologies used:

  1. Convolutional NN
  2. Reccurent NN
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Hierarchical Temporal Memory
  5. Infrared triangulation

Our team

Our team is highly skilled specialists in artificial intelligence, machine learning and programming with extensive experience in the design and building of blockchain systems and neurointelligence.

Raman Dolny
Research activity
Dmitry Yakimovich
Research activity
Artur Karapetyan
Head of Business Development
Vladimir Golovko
Professor. Head of predictive analysis Department
Research activity
Sergei Bezobrazov
PhD, Associate Professor. Head of Department of designing of neural networks
Research activity
Sergey Anfilets
Machine Learning Researcher
Research activity
Valery Kasyanik
Software engineer, sports analysis systems developer
Egor Mikhno
Machine Learning Researcher
Research activity

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