How does it work?

We develop products at the intersection of technology and science.

Own algorithms

Our team is working on creating neurointelligence algorithms.

Data mining

Information analysis to uncover hidden patterns and relationships.

Blockchain and smart contracts

Allow to create trust relationships in an untrusted environment.

Probability theory

The study of random events of mass character.


The study of frequency and quantity based on events that have occurred.

Game theory

a mathematical method of studying optimal strategies in games.

football matches have been analysed
% accuracy of predictions
people in the team

How to increase the efficiency of training process?

A software solution that allows you to determine overtraining, prevent injuries, discover young talents, soon will be available to the public

Our products

everything we create is somehow related to neurointelligence.

Prediction of match results

Neural network algorithms to predict the probability of events in sports games.

Sports content generation

Generation of unique sports-themed news content using neural networks.

Intelligent analytics

Assistance in choosing the optimal solution based on processing large amount of data

Fair betting

Sports betting with blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Computer vision

Computer vision system for the purposes and objectives of sports analytics.

Virtual trainer

Software-hardware complex for training and game process control.

We are trusted.

We respect our partners' interest and always strive for mutually beneficial cooperation.